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Pairs Head - Sunday 8th October

Updated: Feb 12

Our first test on the Tideway this season, we sent 7 crews down to race at the Pairs Head. A unique event, where the women were set off first (gaining the most benefit of the stream), it was all to play for. Our thanks to University of Leicester for the boat borrows and also to James Bennett for towing to and from the event. 

Womens Senior Double

Heidi Taylor, Elena Taylor

Started: 15th 

Finished: 215th 

Category: 13th

Womens Intermediate Double 

Erica Gauler, Eloise Thurman 

Started: 54th 

Finished: 342nd

Category: 13th 

Womens Senior Pair 

Jade Smith, Jaz Smith 

Started: 137th 

Finished: 269th 

Category: 6th 

Womens Senior Pair 

Kat Harris, Martha Nutkins 

Started: 138th 

Finished: 257th 

Category: 5th 

Open Championship Double 

Ollie Hanks, James Bennett

Started: 209th 

Finished: 10th 

Category: 6th 

Open Masters B Double 

Ben Pickering, Gualter Graca 

Started: 285th 

Finished: 39th 

Category: 2nd 

Open Championship Pair 

James Walker, Tim Maine

Started: 348th 

Finished: 92nd 

Category: 11th

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