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Head of the Trent - Sunday 26th February 2023

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

On Sunday 26th February, 9 crews headed over to Nottingham for the Head of the Trent, treated to the long-awaited windy conditions of the River Trent - a very different experience to our normal conditions on the sheltered River Derwent.

Division One - 5500m

We had two mens eights racing in Division One, both looking for racing and rough water experience ahead of the Head of the River Race in March. Our 1st VIII, racing in Band 2 Eights had a solid row, despite a minor tussle with City of Bristol B as we overtook them just before the Toll Bridge, ultimately bringing home the win in Band 2 Eights and 4th Overall. Our 2nd VIII also had a good result, rowing well in the unusual conditions, and bringing home 3rd in Band 5 Eights. Closing out Division 1, Graham Dean raced as Derby in a composite Masters G 4x- with Derwent, Runcorn and Trentham, coming 2nd.

Derby Band 2 8+. Bow to Stroke: Toby Reid, Marcus Shreeve, George Mckirdy, Tim Maine, James Bennett, James Walker, Matt Ley (President), Ollie Hanks (Senior Vice Captain), Phoebe Cook


Derby Band 5 8+. Bow to Stroke: Gavin Wride, Finn Broderick, Josh Reeves, George James, Josh Rhodes-Hook (Vice Captain), Luke Levitt, James Richards, Jack Simpson, Chloe Andrews (Vice Captain & University President)


Division Two - 3800m

Three Derby crews headed out for the middle division over the slightly shortened course of 3800m, from Clifton Bridge to just upstream of Trent Bridge. The Op Beginner 4x and W Beginner 4x of our junior men and women rowed well in the challenging conditions, coming 4th and 3rd respectively. Our Womens 4+ of Chloe, Chloe, Stella, Madeline and Eloise stormed away from their competition from the start, taking home the win by over a minute - a great result and a great first win for the crew.

W Beg 4+. Bow to Stroke: Chloe Andrews (Womens Vice Captain & University President), Chloe Storer, Stella Scott (Committee Member), Madeline Perrin, Eloise Thurman


Division Three - 5500m

Finally, closing out the day were our 3 crews racing in Division Three. Our Op Band 1 4- of Hanks, Walker, Bennett and Ley were hoping to repeat their result in the morning and gain the upper hand over Nottingham RC once more in a 1v1 battle, with Nottingham just taking the upper hand with their better knowledge of the course in the coxless boat. Graham Dean once again represented Derby, this time in an Op H 8+ alongside fellow Derby members Fred Hollis, Neil Shorrock, Max Hunt and Viv Lewis, and other crew members from Derwent, Runcorn, Trentham and Upper Thames. Rowing well, and coming out with a handicapped time that would have placed them well in Open Eights, the crew came 2nd - not bad for their second outing as a full crew. Our final crew down the track was our Band 3 Womens Eight, in their final event before next weekends Womens Eights Head of the River, ultimately coming 5th out of 7 and picking up some key points to work on ahead of the Tideway.

W Band 3 8+. Bow to Stroke: Heidi Taylor, Erica Gauler (Committee Member), Sophie Payne (Treasurer), Lizzy Wilkes, Emily Burt, Kat Harris, Emily Carr (Welfare Officer), Martha Nutkins (Club Captain), Chloe Andrews (Womens Vice Captain & University President)


A shoutout to all of the crews that raced, to Chloe Andrews for somehow managing to cox three(!) divisions, to James Bennett for towing and to all of the supporters that came to watch.

Martha Nutkins Club Captain

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