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Fours Head - November 19th 2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

On Saturday 19th November, 5 Derby RC crews headed down to the Tideway to take part in this years 'The Fours Head' - following an intense entry process and several weeks of selection and training.

Spanning our senior, mens, women's and junior squad, the Derby RC athletes performed well, tacking the Tideway conditions and bringing home some great rankings nationally.


Left to right: Chloe Andrews (Cox & Vice-Captain), George Mckirdy, James Walker, Matt Ley (President), James Bennett

Derby A - Op Club 4+

Started: 237th Finished: 8th in Category Time: 19:49.3


Left to right: Emily Carr (Welfare Officer), Martha Nutkins (Steers & Club Captain), Lillie Fitzsimons, Kat Harris

Derby B - W Club 4-

Started: 356th Finished: 10th in Category Time: 21:19.3


Left to right: Sam Mountford (Steers & Bar Manager), Elliot Mcfarlane, Jack Simpson, James Grattidge (Committee Member)

Derby C - Op Club 4-

Started 200th Result: 28th in Category Time: 20:57.9


Left to right: Erica Gauler (Committee Member), Madeline Perrin, Felicia Naylor, Heidi Taylor

Derby E - W Jun 4x-

Started: 401st Finished: 37th in Category Time: 22:16.2


Left to Right: Luke Levitt (Steers), Josh Rhodes-Hook (Vice-Captain), Toby Reid, Marcus Shreeve

Derby F - Op Club 4-

Started: 197th Finished: 29th in Category Time: 20:58.9

Well done to all involved.

Martha Nutkins

Club Captain

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