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North of England Head - Sunday 12th March

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Last weekend, our two Tideway bound open eights headed to the River Dee in Chester to race in this years North of England Head, with our 1st VIII entered in Open Band 1 Eights and our 2nd VIII racing in Open Band 3 Eights.

Despite a week of cold weather, the sun shone all morning and our crews were treated to a fast stream over the 5,000m course, in what turned out to be their last outings pre-Head of the River Race. The crews rowed well, both improving their performances from Head of the Trent just two weeks prior, and closing the gap to those that beat them on the Trent, with the 1st VIII coming 4th in Band 1 and 5th Overall in a time of 15:42.5 and the 2nd VIII coming 3rd in Band 3 Eights with a time of 17:36.5.

Open Band 1 Eight Mid-Race: Phoebe Cook (cox), Ollie Hanks (Vice-Captain), Matt Ley (President), James Walker, James Bennett, Tim Maine, George Mckirdy, Marcus Shreeve, Toby Reid

Open Band 1 Eight: Phoebe Cook (cox), Ollie Hanks (Vice-Captain), Tim Maine, James Walker, James Bennett, Matt Ley (President), George Mckirdy, Marcus Shreeve, Toby Reid

Open Band 3 Eight: Jack Simpson, James Grattidge (Committee Member), James Ryder, Josh Rhodes-Hook (Vice-Captain and Club Rowing Safety Advisor), Chloe Andrews (Cox, Vice-Captain and University President), George James, James Richards, Sam Mountford (Bar Manager), Josh Reeves

Attention for the boys now turns to Head of the River Race this weekend, you can catch them live on Youtube, they are going off 72nd and 233rd.

Martha Nutkins

Club Captain

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